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Insulin Injections Could Now Become Long Gone History

Pigs are now being used as a lab-testing animal for checking the efficiency of delivering insulin using capsules. This immediate blood-glucose-lowering response is in the testing phase and real hope is that such a delivering method can also be used in case of other protein drugs like hormones antibodies or enzymes. The thought of even a tiny needle piercing through the skin scares many people. Thus, the capsules instead of the injections can help let go of the physical pain and fear. The diabetics are always advised to take insulin in order to keep the blood glucose in control.

The injections on a regular basis are found to be painful and a tedious task for many. But the insulin in the form of oral medication is not advisable as the gastrointestinal tract enzymes can completely destroy them before they even enter the bloodstream. The researchers from MIT have thus come up with a new alternative with the help of pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. These two together developed a new drug capsule with the ability to transport insulin and other protein-based drugs despite the harsh conditions inside the stomach and small intestine. The capsules open when the pH is higher and three tiny arms that have 1-millimeter-long microneedles containing insulin or other drugs spring out. They attach to the small intestine and release the necessary product.

Similarly, researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have found that insulin is not the only cause for diabetes and instead, they found the liver to have the capability to produce glucose without any hormonal signal. There are millions suffering from type 2 diabetes. The excess fat around the liver can also cause fluctuations in the levels of blood glucose levels regardless of the hormonal switch. The researchers have the origin of diabetes topics published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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