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EVALI, name given to vaping illnesses by the CDC

Last week a new name had been issued for an illness that has been affecting the lungs of the human body and has been associated with vaping. The name had been given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention late in the last week for a disease which has been making over a 1,000 people sick and has killed a minimum of 26 people.

The CDC in its weekly report of Morbidity and Mortality which had been issued on the 11th of October had called this illness EVALI.

The name stands for the e-cigarettes or the products used for vaping and the injuries they are causing to the Lungs of the humans.

In the same report the CDC had reported that as of 8th of October, there have been 49 states which have reported 1,299 in all of EVALI to the federal agencies. It had also confirmed that 26 people had succumbed to the illness across 21 states.

On Friday, Texas had announced the first vaping related death, which was similar to the news which had been coming out of New York and Utah in the previous week.

The department of health in the state of Texas has not revealed more information about the victim in the release it gave to the news however it was reported that it was an older woman in the north of Texas.

Officials of the CDC as well as the Food and Drug Administration have not yet pinpointed to any of the products or the ingredients which have been responsible for such illnesses. However in the over 80 % of these cases there is an involvement of THC products and the officials have been turning their focus on the additives and thickeners that are found in the THC cartridges found in the black markets.

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