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Facebook Ends Its Confetti Trivia Game In The UK And US

Facebook has carried on adjusting the programming provided via its Watch service by slashing shows that do not bring in sufficient viewers. Now, a year after it rolled out, the firm has called time on its trivia game show Confetti. The interactive format of the show followed in the path of HQ Trivia, but the fame of the format has diminished since its peak last year.

The show will not be coming back to either the UK or the US, a representative of Facebook verified to the media. There are local editions of the show in India, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, but it appears likely these will be called off too.

Confetti wanted to attract people away from conventional television programming with cash prizes offered daily along with celebrity hosts. The distinguishing function of the show was the social characteristic, allowing audience members play with buddies, and it started as a well-liked lunchtime show. Its jump to a 10 PM slot was the starting of the conclusion, though, and troubles at HQ Trivia predicted issues for the format in general.

In the coming period, Facebook will be aiming on other fractions of its Facebook Watch platform rather, such as forthcoming sports series from both Fox Sports and ESPN.

On a related note, while Mark Zuckerberg offers speeches about not wishing Facebook to be the trendsetter of truth, the media reports his firm is setting up agreements to roll out its devoted section for news. In a post previously this year, the CEO claimed “It is important to me that we assist people find solutions and receive trustworthy news that assist reporters all over the world do their vital work.”

That will actually take the form of a new tab sporting human-filtered Top News. Media sources tell that licensing charges might vary from hundreds of thousands yearly to millions for bigger outlets.

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