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Ford offers free charging for two years for its Electric Vehicle

The upcoming electric SUV of Ford which is inspired by Mustang is providing free charging for two years at 12,000 U.S. stations. The company announced this on Thursday as it outlined an infrastructure network all across the nation which is going to support the first release widely of the battery electric vehicle during its launch.

Ford has called the FordPass network of charging as the largest electric vehicle charging network in North America and back it up with 35,000 individual charging plugs. In the options that are available there will be a DC fast-charging station and public level 2 including which are part of the Electrify America and Greenlots network currently.

The CEO of Electrify America has said that the company is proud to provide the customers of Ford with the network across the nation of ultra-fast chargers for public. In the announcement he also said that they were committed to the advancement of the adoption of electric vehicles and will be valuing the collaborations which are forward-thinking with automakers that share the same vision as them.

The network is going to be connected as well discoverable through the in vehicle interface of Ford and its FordPass app, which also became free for all the owners of Ford vehicles which are compatible. The app will be allowing the drivers to set the state-of-charge targets and pre-condition the battery before driving as well as most importantly allow the drivers to locate and plan the drive routes available near the in-network charging stations.

This app is also going to interface with the new at-home of the company, 48-amp Ford connected charge station along with the Ford Mobile Charger which will come free with the Ford EV purchase.

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