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UAW workers in Tennessee vote the contract down with GM

With more voting results trickling in from the locals of UAW, members of at least one local have shown their disapproval for the tentative agreement of the union with General Motors.

Members of the Spring Hill Manufacturing plant in Tennessee have voted the contract down with 51% to 49 % after combining the production and skilled trade votes as per an unofficial result which came through their website. The members of skilled trade had alone voted up for the deal by 55% to 45% and on the other hand the production members had voted the contract down by 51% to 49%.

Meanwhile the members of the Toledo Transmission plant had approved the contract by 80%to 20 % as per the unofficial results on the website of Local 14. Both the production members and the skilled trade members had approved the contract overwhelmingly.

The members of UAW are going to continue their strike while the details of the contract are reviewed and the voting takes place. The strike now in its 37th day is among the longest in the history of GM.

The new four-year deal of UAW with GM has promised permanent jobs for the employees who have been hired and on the temporary basis and the elimination of a cap on profit sharing of $12,000. It has also promised a bonus of $11,000 if the members ratify this contract. The temporary workers are going to receive a bonus of $4500 if the contract is ratified.

The members are also going to get a base wage increase in the in the second and the fourth years of the contract and will be paid a lump-sum bonus of 4% in the first and third year.

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