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SMS Soon To Be Replaced By New Application Based On RCS Standards

The US-based giant network carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon —have joined hands for a new change in texting service. The conglomerates issued a press release with similar consent of forming a merger named as ‘Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative’ (CCMI). The press release by merger reads that the joint ventures make their headways together to replace the old texting service — Short Message Service (SMS) — with a new messaging standard. The merger aims to launch a messaging app next year which is supported on Android platform as well as Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard.

Doug Garland — General Manager, CCMI — explained the goals of the partnership while speaking to The Verge. CCMI seeks to compete with next-generation texting standards. Firstly, the merger will focus on launching the new android application next year. The app will be considered as default messaging application in the android smartphones of the respective carriers. The new app will be built with an algorithm that is based on new RCS standards. It will have standardized features such as typing indicators, group chats and high-resolution attachment transfers. It will also be correspondent to RCS global standard of ‘Universal Profile’ which is widely accepted and implemented by the carriers all around the globe. Doug added that CCMI wills to work with big tech giants such as Google, Samsung and various companies who are interested in RCs standard and aim to provide their consumers better interoperation services. CCMI will be ready to work as ecosystem partner for Android and implement RCs Standard.

Soon After the press release by CCMI, Sanaz Ahari — product director, Google — stated that Google is committed to work with Android ecosystem. The initiative taken by US carriers will play a meaningful role in implementing RCS standards. Google aims for a better future of Android messaging based on RCs standards by joining forces together with CCMI.

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