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Apple Re-Launches HomePod Update To Stop Bricking Speakers

It is time to relax for HomePod users. It’s now secure to upgrade your speaker one more time. Apple has re-launched the multi-user update for HomePod (now 13.2.1) to solve the issue that bricked some consumers’ speakers, specifically after they made an attempt to resolve the problem by rebooting their machine. You are still asked to speak with Apple Support if your device is dead in the water, but everybody else might have audio handoffs with iPhones, customized responses, support for music in HomeKit scenes, and relaxing ambient sounds.

The upgrade is the newest in a series of rapid-fire solutions from Apple, comprising its sped-up iOS 13.1 launch. Other point launches have aimed more on including features, but it obviously has not been the firm’s best year from a software point of view. Something informs us it is expecting to slow its upgrade speed for the next little while.

On a related note, Apple earlier launched a new variant of its Digital AV USB-C Multiport Adapter, offering it the capability of supporting HDMI 2.0. While it is just an upgrade to one of accessories by Apple, adapters such as this become awfully essential when it is supposed to be employed with a machine that only has a few USB-C ports. This one, for example, lets you to link an iPad or a Mac with a display or a TV using HDMI. As Apple has clarified in a new support page, the upgrade indicates the dongle can now be employed to play 4K clips, considering you have the required hardware.

Apart from using a TV, display, or projector that can support that specification, you will also require to be playing clips from a Retina iMac launched in 2017 or later, a 15-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2017 or later, an iPad Pro, or an iMac Pro.

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