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Seasonal Affective Disorder may affect people during the winter season

Winter is not too far away and with the changing seasons there is a chance of the seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD being at a greater risk in this season change.

It is being observed that the days have been getting shorter with the fall reaching its peak and the winter coming soon. With the seasons changing, the common people are at an increased risk of SAD which is a kind of depression which arrives and leaves with the seasons. The disease usually begins in the later months of fall or the early winter and usually leaves in the months of spring or summer as per the experts from the National Institute for Mental Health.

With the time of daylight getting shorter and the days ending sooner, the days which are shorter in the months of winter usually have an impact on the health of the body and specifically the sleep of the body as per the psychologists who study the sleep medicine. Experts have also said that a lot of people find it hard to adjust to this change which is due the circadian system of the body which is something that maintains the balance of the sleep cycle of a person from the environmental factors like darkness and sunlight. As this system gets disrupted many a time people find it difficult to sleep. The inadequate sleep also may lead to a less amount of productivity through the working day and may even affect the people in the way which cannot be predicted but may be sleep deprivation to even seasonal affective disorder.

The benefits of sunlight are very well documented and people have been advised to expose themselves to sunlight in order to stay healthy.

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