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UAW workers to be offered signing bonus by Ford Motor Co.

After the strike by the UAW workers against General Motors got over as the workers ratified a new four year contract. UAW has now looked to shift its attention to their rivals Ford Motor Co.

The company has planned to offer the hourly full-time workers a signing bonus of $9,000 for the ratification of a tentative contract which they have proposed as per the reports which the media has received on Thursday.

In addition to this the automaker based in Dearborn has been planning to offer the temporary workers of the company a signing bonus of $3,500 as per the sources.

There have been no comments on this by both the UAW and Ford.

Late on Wednesday, the negotiators for Ford as well as UAW had announced a preliminary deal which is yet to get approval by the members and the leadership of this union. The first review of this contract is going to take place on Friday and then a proposal is going to be printed and sent for discussion to the local unions.

46,000 full time workers have been offered a signing bonus of $11,000 by General Motors. The observers in the industry have said that the dollar total had been influenced by their need to make up the wages lost which was sustained during a strike which lasted for six weeks which paid just $275 worth of wages in a week.

The negotiators of UAW Ford had finalized the financial elements of the proposed agreement in a timeline of three days. Ford currently employs as many as 55,000 hourly workers which are the most for any automaker in United States. In the year 2015, the company had paid the workers a signing bonus of $8,500.

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