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Study shows 25% kids in High school resort to vaping, prefer mint flavor

A new study has found out that 1 out of every four high school kids in the US vape. Out of them 1/3 are doing it regularly and around 3 quarters of them prefer using flavored products and nicotine laden e-liquids.

According to the researchers, after analyzing the data on 20,000 teens they found that around 60% of them using popular brands like Juul.A FDA team led by Karen Cullen concluded that in 2019, self reported usage of e-cigarettes was higher among middle school and high school students. They also said that a lot of those kids reported using vapes daily and the occasional vapers were found using flavored e-juices mostly.

Middle school students weren’t much far behind in terms of using vapes than their older peers as it was found that 1 in every 10 middle school kid uses vapes. It was also found that around 18% of middle school students who vape, do it on a regular basis. The study found that most of the young teens preferred mint flavored vapes and fruit and dessert flavor are also very popular among this age group.These findings came to surface just after a few days after Juul announced that it is stopping the production of all flavored e-liquids except mint, menthol and tobacco flavored ones.

In September, FDA announced that they are taking measures to make sure that all the flavored e-liquids are banned from US market. Trump administration is now getting softer on their promise and has ignored mint and menthol flavored e-juices.

Adam Leventhal, who is the lead author of the study said that the study conducted by his team asks a question that will these bans reduce the usage of vapes among teens as mint and menthol flavors aren’t being regulated and they are the most commonly used products.

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