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Palm-Sized Mavic Mini Drone By DJI Can Fly For Almost 30 Minutes

The latest drone by DJI is its smallest and lightest model ever. Mavic Mini (the foldable drone) has a weight of only 249 grams, and has a bunch of functions developed to make aerial photography and drone flying accessible and fun to everybody, without compromising quality. And it is so tiny that you need not bother getting registration by FAA for it, either.

The drone has 4 km of maximum range, or almost 2.5 Miles, and pledges almost 30 minutes of flight time, which is very impressive for a device of this small size. Downward visual sensors and GPS receivers mean stable flying and accurate hovering, and a 2.7k video at 30fps places it before the Mavic Spark.

It does not come with the features such as obstacle avoidance that are present in some of larger models by DJI, nor does it have a number of options for Quickshots, but that is the pay-off for its palm-of-your-hand, trim sizing. In addition to this, it is developed for fun, daily use. As Roger Luo (DJI president) claims, “Most essentially, it is simpler to fly, no matter your experience level with the UAVs.”

On a related note, Lexus is lastly all set to reveal its first EV prototype. Earlier at the Tokyo Motor Show, it launched its LF-30 Electric Concept, its dream for the next gen of electric vehicles.

Lexus focused majorly on the futuristic theme, which is obvious from the glass roof, “hoodless” form, and gull-wing (also known as DeLorean) doors of the vehicle. Within, Lexus created AR vehicle info systems and placed gesture controls to use. The front seats are intended to feel more like airplane seats in the first-class section, and the backseats use something dubbed as “artificial muscle tech” to mold as per the passengers.

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