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Man in UK develops breathlessness from changing bedding

A man in UK took an innocent decision of changing his bedding but that decision has caused him the development of a rare, strange condition which has made him gasp for air now as per his doctors. On Monday, a new case study emerged as the doctors have detailed how a man emerged with a rare kind of allergy of bird feathers which filled his new pillows and duvet.

As per this study, a man who was 43 years of age had suffered many months of fatigue, dizziness and breathlessness by the time he had visited his local doctor in the year 2016.

In the beginning, his doctor had assumed that he had an infection in the lower respiratory tract such as bronchitis and there was improvement in his symptoms too. However a month later they worsened and reached a point where he could not even walk from one room to the other without falling short of breath. His doctor then referred him to a respiratory care clinic and had sought advice from a chest doctor who was also the author of the study.

The doctor talked to this man over call and tried to zero in on the potential causes of the symptoms he was experiencing, and it was when this man had mentioned that he switched from his usual bedding to feather duvet and pillows, the expert called Dempsey was able to come up with a diagnosis which would later be confirmed by a test in the lab of hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

This is a form which strikes people who work closely with birds and had been named earlier as the bird fancier’s lung. In this case it has been nicknamed the feather duvet lung.

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