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Amazon Made A Musical Keyboard To Assist Developers Understand AI

Amazon has just declared AWS DeepComposer, what the firm states is the first ML-based musical keyboard in the world. In reality, the actual machine is a lot easier as compared to what grand statement by Amazon may make it appear.

The firm dreams coders employing the two-octave, 32-key keyboard as a device for testing ML. You can use the device to compose a melody with the assistance of DeepComposer toolset by Amazon as well as make new compositions. During roll out, Amazon will have pre-skilled methods that will be allows to edit melodies as pop, rock, classical, and jazz music by including surrounding musical components. In one instance, Amazon touted the AI making a rock edition of Ode to Joy by Beethoven after it was commanded to include two electric guitars, drums, and a bass guitar to the song. You will also be capable of creating your own genres by skilling the firm’s AI with a curated songs’ library. Once you are done, you can even save your new AI-made tune squarely to SoundCloud from the software.

This is not the first tool by Amazon targeted at assisting developers know ML. Every since 2017 Amazon has launched a new machine that connects its ML and AI work. In 2017, the firm launched DeepLens, a camera (worth $249) with in-built edge computing abilities. In 2018, it was DeepRacer, a 1/18th scale self-directed race car (worth $399).

The latest device itself has a price tag of $99, making it the most reasonably priced of Amazon’s 3 ML devices. Coders can also skip purchasing the keyboard completely and rather employ the included virtual keyboard. On the other hand, actually employing the keyboard for testing and designing new musical genres can turn out to be costly speedily. After a free trial of three months, Amazon will bill consumers hourly $2.14 of inference usage and $1.26 of training usage.

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