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Brushingof teeth thrice a day may help you to maintain a healthier heart

Apparently, according to a recent study, brushing teeth on a regular basis not just gives us a beautiful smile but can also lessen the danger of undergoing from heart failure. It has just found that, brushing our teeth thrice a day might reduce the danger of heart disaster by nearly ten percent. Researchers has associated it to a lower danger of atrial fibrillation, condition which causes an unbalanced heart rate and heart fatal. As per the NHS, brushing your teeth two times a day will give you healthy gums and teeth, but brushing them at least thrice a day provides the major lift to the health of human heart.

Researchers have found that, due to brushing your teeth often reduces bacteria existing among gums and the teeth, preventing it from coming in the arteries. As per the reports, approximately 161,000 people ageing between 40-79 were examined in the study on the basis of connection among heart issues and oral hygiene by the researchers from South Korea. A routine medical examination was conducted by them among the years 2003-2004. Meanwhile of a follow-up 10 years later, nearly 3% had developed atrial fibrillation and 5% heart failure.

Brushing of teeth thrice a day was linked with a 10% reduced risk of atrial fibrillation and 12% lower risk of heart failure. The conclusions were sovereign of factors comprising sex, age, regular exercise, financial status, BMI and alcohol intake. It has also been demonstrated by additional studies that, bad oral hygiene leads to growth of bacterial in the bloodstream, instigating inflammation inside the human body. The danger of an unbalanced heart beat is increased by this. The ability of human heart to relax and plug with blood and to pump blood is decreased. The study was printed in the European Journal of preventive Cardiology.



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