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Trump takes credit of a factory opened 3 years before his tenure

As Washington was in flames with a dramatic testimony on Wednesday of the impeachment inquiry which has been going on, President Trump had visited Austin and was taking credit for the Mac Factory launch which had opened three years prior to him coming in power.

While he was standing on Apple’s facility floor, the President said that they saw it as the start of a plant which is going to be very important and power. Later on through Twitter, he said that he had himself opened the plant by Apple which he claimed would be bringing a lot of jobs to the region.

However Apple has been engaged in the assembling of computers in Austin since the year 2013 at a plant which was owned by Flex which is one of their contractors. The remarks were made in the presence of Tim Cook who did not correct him either.

On the morning of Thursday, Trump through his twitter handle tweeted that while he was visiting the factory he asked the CEO of Apple Tim Cook if Apple could get involved in US for building 5G. Apple has not made any comments on the same as of now.

On Friday, the president had again suggested that he was there at the opening of the plant while in an interview.

Apple has another plant in mind but that is also not Trump’s contribution. The company on Wednesday had announced that it had been looking at a 3 million sq. ft. campus which is going to open in Austin in the year 2022 and will house 5,000 employees initially. At present there are 7,000 employees in the Austin region.

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