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Maxar Technologies’ Oceanographic Data Powers SiriusXM Fish Mapper

Reportedly, Maxar Technologies would present saltwater fishing recommendations and oceanographic data for SiriusXM’s latest Fish Mapping service that was declared earlier this month and is obtainable on Garmin International’s GXM 54 satellite. In a statement, Jeff Culwell—Maxar Technologies’ Chief Product Officer—stated, “Through our widespread knowledge in machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence), Maxar assembles content from several sources and merges them with our authoritative geospatial analytics network to provide answers and insights that assist clients to be more analytical in their decisions. For Fish Mapping service of SiriusXM Marine, we are presenting real-time intelligence that would present fishermen support on the competition and assist casual anglers to enjoy more successful fishing trips.”

For Maxar, this is not a new business. For over 20 years, the company created oceanographic datasets that underline fishing recommendations. Maxar is expanding the service through SiriusXM. The Fish Mapping service of SiriusXM is developed for assisting the mariners to locate precise game fish, observe sea surface plus sub-surface temperatures and discover areas of heavy plankton concentration. In a statement, Dave Wasby—SiriusXM’s VP for Aviation, Marine, and Music for Business—said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with Maxar Technologies and Garmin International for the release of this game-changing new service.”

Recently, Maxar Technologies was in the news as its shares rallied as JP Morgan stated that stock will climb more than 70%. J.P. Morgan started coverage of Maxar with an overweight rating, informing financiers that the weakened space conglomerate is in the early phases of a turnaround that will yield over 70% by the end of 2020. In a note to investors, Benjamin Arnstein—JP Morgan Analyst—said, “We see Maxar as a high-reward and high-risk opportunity in the space sector. We believe the next 2 Years are decisive as the company advances on its turnaround proposal and addresses its high debt and leverage levels, which should generate value for equity holders.”

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