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FDA Pulls Out Udi’s Hamburger Buns From The US Market

Hamburger buns have right now come under the scanner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) owing to some health risks associated with it. The hamburgers are found unsafe for consumption due to the presence of a contaminant in it. So, all the hamburger lovers have been warned by the FDA to think twice and look keenly over all the manufacturing details mentioned on the pack. The FDA has recalled almost all the Classic Hamburger Buns that were manufactured by Udi. The reason behind the recall is the presence of small plastic pieces in the buns. Udi had distributed the hamburger buns for retail sale in the entire US.

After the warning, the Conagra Brands has willingly decided to call back almost 2,200 cases of the hamburger buns. The company has apologized by saying that there was an involuntary inclusion of dough scraper into the production process for only a few products. The product that was recalled:

  • UDI BUN CLSC BRGR 8/10.4Z- Bag closure code(191971U); Item UPC (00-6-98997-80913-5); Case UPC (10-6-98997-80913-2)

The recall is found to have had a major impact on the sales of the Udi’s or Conagra Brands. The people have to look for the UPC and bag closure code details before having it grilled in order to avoid any future health complications. The FDA has till date not received any reports of injuries related to the product. However, the company and FDA have advised people to either return it to the store or throw the products away.

On a similar note, the Conagra Brands plans to expand into the plant-based meat sector in the next 7–10 Years. The company had acquired Gardein in 2018 that is now the second largest in the meat-alternative space. Conagra Brands wants to make $30 Billion from the US market in the coming years.

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