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Apple Changed App Store Searches So Its Titles Don’t Always Top The Results

Did you observe that software from Apple was unexpectedly less dominant this summer in the App Store? There is a good reason for that. Apple verified to the media that it altered search algorithms for App Store in July so that its own applications did not overpower the top searches. For over a year, its own apps might rule the searches for basic terms, even when the titles in question were not associated to a specific query. Apple credited the behavior to a feature in a search engine that sometimes bundled apps by the developer, with popularity also having a major role.

If a specific search comprised more than one Apple apps, the algorithm might decide that users were seeking for a specific Apple app and show more apps accordingly. The issue, as you might assume, is that consumers might frequently click on Apple’s apps. When Apple saw that the algorithm was overcrowding the results, it first ended that behavior for a few searches and turned off the practice for all Apple titles.

Apple officials claimed that the firm was not gaming the system intentionally, but also that the algorithm was operating properly. “This was not an error,” claimed Phil Schiller, senior VP.

On a related note, the removal of a parental control application by Apple earlier made it the victim of a Russian anti-trust investigation. The FAS (Federal Anti-Monopoly Service) of Russia was probing a complaint by Kaspersky Lab over the suspension of its app (Safe Kids) from the App Store, claimed media. The tech behemoth thinks that the app places “consumer’s privacy and safety at jeopardy”, placing it in the same section as a bunch of other parental control applications it removed from its store previously this year.

The firm has taken pressure from EU and US regulators for its tight management over applications that permit parents to restrict their kid’s screen time.

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