A rise in the use of aerosols in personal care and household goods is predicted to increase demand

Personal care goods like deodorants, hair sprays, hair mousses, and shaving foams are likely to fuel demand for aerosol products. Male deodorant use is predicted to rise in the next years as a result of improved living and cleanliness standards, making personal care the most popular application in 2015.

Personal care and home aerosol goods are in high demand, and consumers in these regions have a rising affection for the aforementioned products, therefore analysts expect Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa to be rapidly emerging markets. Aerosol goods are projected to gain a foothold in these locations thanks to more lenient rules.

As the market changes, growth in Europe and North America is projected to be modest. It’s also probable that Europe and North America’s strong penetration in application sectors will limit market growth during the projection period.

Aerosols’ better properties, such as no leaks, focused dosing, and less waste, have made them a popular choice for household use. In addition, the product’s affinity for packaging domestic goods increases when it is applied with limited touch with the human skin.

Increased food and beverage sector growth in India, China, and Brazil is predicted to increase demand for the product.

There are a variety of ornamental and lacquer goods that make use of aerosol in the manufacturing process. Demand for paints and coatings in motor vehicles is predicted to rise in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia over the next nine years.

Demand for pain relief sprays in medical settings is projected to rise as more athletes use them to treat injuries sustained on the field. For example, the pain relief gels and creams market in India is predicted to increase at a far faster rate than in developed economies like the United States.

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