Acerola Extract Market To Witness Geometric Growth Over 2020-2026


Acerola is functional super fruit that entails an excessive quantity of ascorbic acid ranging 1500–4500 mg/100 g, which is about 50–100 times more than that of orange or lemon. Because of the high antioxidants capacity, the global acerola extract market is witnessing a rapid growth of application in various industries like bakery & confectionery, dairy & frozen desserts, beverages, sweet & savory snacks, dietary supplements, essential oils manufacturer, meat preservative, and others.

Acerola fruit tree is relatively easy to grow so it helps to keep manufacturing costs considerably down for acerola extract market players like Naturex, Green Labs LLC, Vita Forte Inc, Diana Naturals, Blue Macaw Flora, Optimally Organic, iTi Tropicals, Parchem fine & specialty chemicals, HAWAII-PHARM, Nutribotanica, DuPont, Vital Herbs, Kemin Industries, Inc., Martin Bauer Group, Vita Forte Inc., Foodchem International Corporation, Xi’an Shunyi Bio-Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, PLANTEX, Herbal Creative, NutriBotanica, Niagro Nichirei Group Company, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Panacea Phytoextracts Pvt. Ltd..

Report also emphasizes on the major restraints and drivers determining the growth of the global acerola extract market. Report has presented the various facets of the market with a particular focus on identifying the key industry influencers. In addition, the budding usage of acerola extract within edible films and waste utilization for creating useful byproducts has been highlighted in the report.

Because of potential use of acerola fruit extract it has developed a structured agro-industrial based market in counties like Brazil, the U.S. , Canada, Mexico, Europe, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Rest of Europe, Asia-Pacific, India, China, Australia, Japan, LAMEA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. Due to growing demand for poultry, the global acerola extract market is gaining importance in North America. Europe stands as second biggest market in terms of share for having heavy demand for acerola extract.

Some of the Important benefits of the report for stakeholders:

  • Report provides independent analysis of the basics concepts of global acerola extract market.
  • Report sheds light on key perspectives that the C-suite are leveraging to move businesses to new growth trajectory.
  • Report gives in-depth analysis on what can be the best investment choices for venturing into new product and service line.
  • The report integrates several drivers as well as factors that impede the growth of global acerola extract market during the forecast to 2020-2026.
  • In the strategy analysis, it gives insights from marketing channel and market ranking to probable growth strategies, offering exhaustive scrutiny for new entrants or existing competitors within the acerola extract industry.

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