Doctors Help Parents Get Exemptions From Vaccines For Kids

Doctors Help Parents Get Exemptions From Vaccines For Kids

Vaccines are a crucial part of a child’s life that ensures healthy adulthood. However, in some cases, it is not possible to give vaccines to the kids. In those children, the susceptibility to various types of diseases become high, making the health condition more severe.

Alyssa Hernandez is the mother of Noah, who is a 2-year-old kid. He had a liver transplant when he was only 6 months old. Due to the critical operation and restricted lifestyle, the pediatricians don’t prescribe any vaccine to him. As a result, Alyssaremains in an anxious state of mind because Noah’s immune system is already weak due to the transplant while the absence of the vaccines is making his physique more susceptible. In fact, he is not even protected from the highly communicable diseases like measles.

Currently, the US is experiencing the worst measles outbreak of all time that has made the children and adults vulnerable to the ailment. Also, the researchers have found that the absence of proper vaccination has caused the massive breakout. The WHO or World Health Organization has also declared the resistance to vaccination as one of the top 10 threats in the world. This has also fueled the anxiety of Alyssa, which is justified.

This is not all. A study has found that parents are inclining towards ignoring the vaccination for their children. If a doctor allows a child to attend the school without the complete course of vaccination, not only the child becomes susceptible to various illnesses, but the scopes of developing deadly ailment in other students also increase manifolds. Surprisingly, the rate of exemption is as high as 20% in some of the schools, which is raising the eyebrows of the experts in the California Department of Public Health. In fact, doctors also sell medical exemptions, making the situation worse.

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