Equifax’s Mystery Tale Of Data Disappearance May Have A Spy Angle

Equifax’s Mystery Tale Of Data Disappearance May Have A Spy Angle

Equifax an international credit rating giant, made an alarming announcement on the 7th of September 2017. They mentioned that in a sudden planned cyber-attack, more than 170 Million personal data was lost which included more than half of US.  It was the biggest consumer data scandal in the last 10 years. The lost information included sensitive information like license numbers, security numbers and other personal data. Under tremendous attack Richard Smith, the CEO stepped down.


Eventually, the data disappeared to everyone’s shock. CNBC conducted a thorough investigation with experts and data hunters who scanned the network for any stolen information, intelligence seniors and consultants also played a major part this data hunt. The conclusion was that there was in fact a data breach and the information was lost.


The lost data has not surfaced since and no theft or loss of property has been reported since. The data has not been put to any use, not for victimization or impersonation. The investigators still continue to investigate about the current location of the data and about its sudden disappearance. The conclusion that has been derived was that the thieves did not commit the crime for a fraud, but were working for a foreign government eager to recruit spies.


An anonymous bank employee, who was working closely with a bank when the Equifax theft happened, said that he is on a team investigating the dark web for any leak of personal data.

There have been many theories from stakeholders as to why the data might have been stolen but the reality remains a mystery.


Theory suggest that the breach in the system had been initially noticed by a low level thug who made it known to professionals, capable enough to commit the crime. Sophisticated tools have been used and no traces have been discovered ever since. The Equifax data still remains as the lost Holy Grail of America.

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