Nintendo To Include Subscriptions To Animal Crossing On Mobile

Nintendo To Include Subscriptions To Animal Crossing On Mobile

Mario Kart Tour was just the beginning of Nintendo’s strategy for subscriptions of mobile game, it seems. The creator has alerted users that it is conveying 2 subscription plans this week to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, both of which plan to lessen the load. One plan will devote an animal as a “caretaker of camp” that will offer assistance around your site. The other plan will allow you get fortune cookies along with storing your excess clothes and furniture in warehouses. The advantages are a bit similar to Fallout 1st in that regard.

Nintendo did not claim how much either plan might cost, even though Mario Kart Tour’s plan has monthly $5. You might hear more about the Pocket Camp services in videos launching this week.

The news may not make the fans happy. The mobile Animal Crossing game already has a free-to-play system that can get costly if you need to beautify your site in style. Now, the firm is motivating subscriptions over whatever you shell out to get the device you need. And while plans like this are not unheard of, it is over a little eyebrow-lifting in a game targeted only at kids.

On a related note, there are already a plethora of good cases for Switch Lite accessible, but Nintendo may just have one extra. The gaming behemoth has disclosed that its earlier Japan-only Screen Protector and Flip Cover will be accessible in the US next month through online stores for $40. It will be available at retail in early next year. The snap-on case aims on defending your Switch Lite with smallest amount of bulk. There are not spaces for power adapters, cartridges, or other accessories, but that may not bother if you either have space for those in a bag or just need to keep your system secure.

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