Rare species of worms harmful for the human eyes comes in contact with woman

Rare species of worms harmful for the human eyes comes in contact with woman

A rare species of worms which are harmful to the human eyes have come into action as a woman who is 68 years of age belonging to Nebraska has borne the brunt of their attack. The woman is the second known victim of the worms. However this incident might be an indication of a new and emerging disease.

The case’s disturbing details had been laid out in the month of October. The doctor of the woman along with the researchers from CDC had contributed to this research.

As per the research a sociologist named Dianne Travers Gustafson from Nebraska’s Creighton University had visited California in the month of February 2018. One day she ran into flies while she was running along the trails. She did not know at that time that she was getting into a particular fly called the face fly by the name of Musca autumnalis. After a month later the irritation in her eyes had led to a discovery which was horrific about a translucent roundworm which was growing in size.

It was found that the patient had run into a huge amount of flies which she could not shoo away before one of them got into the eye of the lady.

The fly is going to expel larvae on the surface of the conjunctiva or the eye while they feed on the tears or lacrimal secretions. It is possible that it can happen quickly so the fly does not necessarily have to sit on the eyes for over a few seconds for the expelling of the larvae, according to the lead author of this research Richard Bradbury who added that it was not possible to shoo this away in time for the not letting the larvae expelled on her eye.

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