Global Reporter Gene Assay Market

Reporter Gene Assay Market expected to generate around USD 3.01 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of around 10.6% between 2019 and 2025

Global Reporter Gene Assay Market
Global Reporter Gene Assay Market

The Global Reporter Gene Assay Market will be driven by an increase in funding for cell-based research, a growing preference for cell-based assays, a rise in gene expression applications, a rise in the incidence of cancer, a rise in the demand for personalized medicines, and a quickening of government funding procedures.

Researchers have linked a reporter gene to the regulatory sequence of an important gene in cell cultures, microbes, plants, or mammals. Specific genes are chosen as reporters due of their unique characteristics. Additionally, reporter genes can be used to examine the expression of a gene that may create proteins.

In the Global Reporter Gene Assay Market Report, Increasing R&D efforts and a greater emphasis on technological innovation will provide additional prospects for growth in the reporter gene assay industry. However, the high cost of cell biology research, the lack of trained researchers, the shortage of modern healthcare facilities in poorer nations, and the lack of knowledge may inhibit the global expansion of the reporter gene assay market.

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North America will dominate the worldwide reporter gene assay market throughout the forecast period. In 2018, the region accounted for more than 39 percent of the global market due to the substantial funding for life sciences research, the growing applications of personalized medicines, the rapidly increasing cell-based investigation activities, the availability of modern healthcare facilities, and the early adoption of the most recent technologies. Due to the existence of qualified researchers, massive R&D financing by big firms, a growing elderly population, a rise in the incidence of chronic disorders, and a favorable reimbursement scenario, Europe is the second largest market in the world. The Asia-Pacific market for reporter gene assays will expand fast over the forecast period, on account of the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, expanding interest in reporter gene assays, and rising gene therapy-related R&D.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Merck, PerkinElmer, Promega Corporation, Abcam, Biotium, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Geno Technology, InvivoGen, Genecopoeia, PromoCell, Lonza Group, Cell Signaling Technology, and General Electric are key players in the reporter gene assay market.

The sector of cell signalling pathways is anticipated to have the greatest CAGR over the forecast period.

The market for reporter gene assays is categorized by application into gene regulation, protein interaction, Cell Signaling pathways, and promotor structural and functional studies. The cell signaling pathway is anticipated to experience the highest rate of increase during the projection period. This market segment is growing rapidly due to its significance in numerous cellular functions (such as cell differentiation, cell fate determination, and cell proliferation) and advanced applications of cell signaling in life science industries (such as biotechnology, molecular biology, and microbiology).

The segment of assay kits will experience the highest growth during the predicted period.

The market is widely divided into test kits and reagents based on product. The segment of assay kits is anticipated to hold the biggest market share in 2019 and to grow at the fastest rate throughout the forecast period. Due to their frequent use in Gene Expression research and signaling pathway analysis during gene transcription or translation levels, assay kits hold a substantial market share and are growing at a rapid rate. In instances where a confirmed technique for assay development is available, assay kits are favored over individual chemicals.

APAC is anticipated to have the greatest CAGR during the projection period.

The APAC market for reporter gene assays is anticipated to expand at the greatest CAGR over the forecast period. The majority of development in these regions is driven by the large expansion of businesses and the expansion of the healthcare market and research industry. The low-cost manufacturing advantage, rising per capita income, and lenient regulatory standards all contribute to the expansion of the reporter gene assays market.

Product Intelligence

In 2019, the luciferase product segment represented over 36 percent of the global market share. It is anticipated to be the leading segment during the forecast period due to the extensive use of these assays, which enable precise signal measurement and preserve the consistency of results. In addition, they are practical, quick, sensitive, inexpensive, and have a large linear detection range.

In addition, the introduction of the dual-luciferase assay method has considerably contributed to the growing demand and preference for luciferase assays. Firefly luciferase is available from Promega Corporation and can be coupled with either Renilla luciferase or NanoLuc luciferase. Using the Dual-Luciferase Reporter Assay System and Nano-Glo Dual-Luciferase (NanoDLR) Reporter Assay System, respectively, these can be evaluated.

Due to its well-defined enzymatic characteristics, beta-galactosidase is frequently used as a reporter gene. In addition, the increasing emphasis of researchers on developing high-throughput -galactosidase assays for reporter systems based on bacterial cells contributes to the segment’s quickest growth rate.

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