UK’s Steps to Protect Environment; Ban on Non-biodegradable Wet Wipes

The U.K. Government has announced that the wet wipes containing non-biodegradable plastics are to be banned.

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has proclaimed that the Government of U.K. will work with the wipes-manufacturing companies and ensure that the non-biodegradable wipes are moved out of the market.

A spokesperson from Defra has explained that they have 25-year environment plan. Further, he added that they have pledged to remove all avoidable plastic waste, which includes one-time-use products such as wet wipes.

Wet wipes may be an unavoidable part of the people in the U.K. They are for everyday tasks, which include makeup removing, hands cleaning, and the nappies changing. The environmentalists have warned about their horrifying impact on the UK’s ecosystem.

Water U.K. explained to the BBC that the reason behind 93% of the blockages in the U.K. sewers is wet wipes. These wet wipes enter the UK’s rivers after passing through the sewage systems. These wet wipes are depositing in the rivers in such a big number that they are changing the shape of riverbeds.

Thames 21, a volunteer river cleanup group in London, has collected about 5,453 wet wipes in a single day from the river Thames. This number is almost equal to the size of tennis court. The Guardian has reported that there is an increase of nearly thousand wet wipes over the last year’s total.

This has also impacted the river life badly. The microbes in the tissues can become life-threatening when ingested by the fishes.

Recently, Defra has announced that all conifer bark coming to the U.K. from the EU must possess a plant passport, which will prove that it has originated from an area free of certain bark beetles or has been properly treated against bark beetles.

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