Wayfair Includes 3D Visualization And AR Furniture Tools To Its Apps

Wayfair Includes 3D Visualization And AR Furniture Tools To Its Apps

Making interiors for the home has become a bit simpler lately via the employment of virtual design tools rather than dragging around a sofa. Now, Wayfair (the home store) is getting in on the action, launching a new method to select the ideal furniture pieces for rooms with an AR (augmented reality) feature developed into the newest edition of its app.

The new features of the app comprise View in Room 3D, which allows consumers take an image of their room and then see different goods included virtually in place. It is a bit same like Place app by IKEA for placing furniture, but Wayfair’s edition is based on photo so it operates even when consumers are away from house. The firm claims it employs breakthrough tech to study the 3D space from a 2D image of a room to let the virtual placing of goods.

One more upgraded function is Search with Photo that allows users search for goods from Wayfair from a picture taken by their camera, same as Lens image search by Google.

Lastly, there is the design tool named Room Planner 3D where consumers can make an interactive 3D room to try out different configurations and layouts for their décor and furniture. The room can be seen from almost any angle, and goods are added automatically to the room at the right scale.

The new edition of the app is accessible for Android and iOS now, but some of the features comprising the Room Planner are presently only accessible on iOS.

On a related note, the AR Place app by IKEA can be useful for gauging how furniture will seem in your abode, but you have been restricted to trying goods individually—not much assistance if you are trying to furnish a new home.

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